New Zealand has become a centre of excellence in the sport of freediving. New Zealand regularly place in the medals at world championships, often including golds. Kiwis also hold several world records and are considered to be among the world’s finest athletes in the sport.

In Auckland, freediving has thrived due to passionate club members and driven individuals. The AFC has been set up with two main aims: to provide an opportunity for this hard-earned expertise to be shared with those newer to the sport, and for its members to train and dive together safely. Recently we celebrated the hard work of AFC members by holding a 2-day pool competition - check out some of the highlights below.


Involvement in the sport comes from diverse interests: some want to challenge themselves physically and mentally; others to better understand the marine environment; some to overcome fears and to become more comfortable in the water.

Statics at the Oceanhunter Championship


The club provides training in key techniques that can be applicable to all apnea activities, such as underwater photography, spear fishing, underwater rugby and hockey, and freediving competitions – some members have even used apnea skills to recover treasures from the deep!

The AFC also hopes to attract non-divers interested in a unique and effective way to develop fitness and physical well-being. The combination of mental and physical skills practiced in freediving allows athletes to stretch themselves in new and often unexpected ways.

Learn more about Auckland Freediving's 2016 key missions.


AIDA2* Freediving Course

Several instructors in the club will be running the AIDA2* Course 

Date: 28th - 30th of April

Location: Auckland

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Depth Training  

Daylight savings time is Depth training time.  Official kick off will be on the 6th of October, keep an eye out on the club facebook site for more information.

Date: Daylight savings time

Location: Auckland





The AFC was started in 2009 with the purpose of enabling like minded people to train together, share knowledge and dive safely.

If you would like to join, or simply come and train with us while you visit New Zealand, please feel free to contact us via the Join section.

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